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26 October 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Jill is a huge fan of crumpets, which are what the English eat instead of english muffins. They're a yeast batter griddle bread, kind of like pancakes. I made a batch, and took pictures:

First batch of crumpets

I started with a recipe from here: http://www.greatpartyrecipes.com/crumpetrecipe.html

After mixing up the batter and letting is rest for about 20 minutes, you get this:

It's about the same consistency as pancake batter, and should be lightly bubbling (from the yeast). Now, here's the trick - crumpets need to be made with crumpet rings. Unlike pancakes, where you cook them on a hot skillet really fast, crumpets are baked on a medium to medium-low skillet, for about 10 minutes. Metal rings are used to keep the batter from escaping, and to encourage them to rise. I use the ring portion of a 4" mini-springform pan (mini cheesecake pan). You can use anything 3"-4" across, and at least 1" high.

Put the rings on the skillet, let them get hot, and hit them with a shot of non-stick cooking spray. Pour in the batter (I use 1/4 cup for 4" rings), and let them begin cooking:

Crumpets on the skillet

Once the sides have set and are dry, you can remove the ring and use it for the next batch. Let them cook about 7-10 minutes on the first side, until the top is nearly dry. You should get bubbles rising to the surface and breaking. They're ready to flip when the top is nearly dry.

Give them a flip and let them cook for a minute on the top. Remove them from the skillet, and cook the next batch. The recipe above makes about 12 4" crumpets:

Making Crumpets

You can eat them right off of the skillet, or (my preference) let them cool and then toast them. Top them with butter and jam, and enjoy.

They taste (to me) a bit like pancakes, though the texture is spongier and more solid than pancakes. They're easy to eat with your hands. Unlike english muffins, you don't split these when you toast them - all of the nooks and crannies are on the top of the crumpet.



dilicousdilicous on October 26th, 2008 05:39 pm (UTC)
Nom, nom, nom, says the crumpet monster. Kind of like Cookie Monster, but less hyper. ;-)